Laser Hair Removal

How Laser Hair Removal Works

The laser light safely and gently passes through the dermis allowing the laser light to be absorbed into the hair root destroying the cells so they can no longer produce hair. Though hair re-growth has been prevented the laser does not injure the surrounding skin and the procedure is totally pain-free.

How does it differ from traditional laser technology?

All laser technology previously available emits laser light using a pulse method. This process can be painful, time consuming and may not work on all skin and hair types.

By contrast the advanced diode laser technology uses low fluence, high average power and repetition rate so the application of light is constant. This allows for the 'in-motion' technology to be quick and efficient as it is delivered in a sweeping paintbrush motion over the skin as opposed to the pain-staking and time consuming pulse method.

Furthermore, the superior cooling head that is used means there is only a warming sensation during the procedure as opposed to pain and discomfort from traditional laser technology. Treatment does not need to be started and stopped because of discomfort and there have been no known adverse side effects.

Does it hurt?

No not at all. You will experience a warming sensation but no discomfort.

Is it safe?

Yes it is safe. You will experience a warming sensation but no discomfort.

How many Soprano laser treatments do I need?

During your consultation your hair and skin will be assessed and you will be recommended a bespoke program that will offer you the best results for your needs. On average we recommend 3-6 sessions. Occasional maintenance treatments may be required.

Does the Soprano laser treat blonde and fine hair?

New technology enables us to reduce hair types which previously could not be done. Your hair will be assessed during consultation. If you have been informed your hair is too light in the past, we recommend you are re-assessed.

How do I remove the hair in between laser hair removal treatments?

Your Soprano laser treatment will retard the hair growth at some points during your treatment course. It will also 'fall out' approx 3 weeks following treatment. You can shave any hair that appears but you must not remove the hair from the follicle (ie waxing or plucking).

Is there anything I should do before and after a laser treatment?

Do your best to minimise a suntan to the area being treated: This could make the treatment less effective. This includes sun-beds and tanning products. Skin preparations such as retinol, glycolic or acne preparations should be avoided. Certain medications will make the skin sensitive to the laser light. Check with your practitioner.

Highly skilled team

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