Treating Melasma, which is a pigment disorder of the cells resulting in dark patches on the face, often with distinct edges. Melasma can occur in both men and women, and can often be seen on the cheekbones, forehead, nose and upper lip but can develop in other areas of the face.
There are a number of factors that can trigger Melasma including: Hormones: External hormones such as birth control pills and Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) or pregnancy can bring on Melasma. When Melasma occurs during pregnancy it is known as the “pregnancy mask”. Thyroid disease: The incidence of Melasma also increases in patients with thyroid disease. Sun Exposure: UV exposure is the leading cause of Melasma Hyperpigmentation and the patches tend appear darker in the summer months. Melasma has long been one of the toughest skin conditions to treat because discoloration lies so deep within the skin’s layers and is hard for medications to target. Cosmelan peel is the world’s number one whitening treatment and can effectively reduce skin discolouration by up to 90%.

Cosmelan® treatments can improve the appearance of: 

Lentigo, Freckles or Nevus

Pregnancy Mask/Melasma


Chloasma From UV Damage 


Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Treatment Price Time

Shellac or BioSculpture or OPI GelColour to any pedicure

£15 -

Hot Paraffin Wax
This treatment is deeply nourishing; improving circulation and stimulating the pores to absorb moisture.

£15 -

Callus Hard Skin Removal
This four-step system will peel off dead callused skin to promote smoother heels before nourishing your feet with a rich intense moisturiser. The gentle but effective treatment is used for either the heel or balls of the feet.

£20 20 mins