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Dermalux LED Luminous Light Therapy Facial

Dermalux LED Luminous Light Therapy Facial uses the power of light to rejuvenate, repair and revitalise your skin!

The all new, multi wavelength Dermalux LED therapy is rapidly becoming the must-have treatment for anti-ageing, acne and skin healing. Over 40 years of independent worldwide research has shown LED therapy to have powerful rejuvenation beneļ¬ts in the skin. The heat free light is clinically proven to be safe for all skin types and effective in the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions. It provides a quick, painless and relaxing way to achieve the healthy, younger looking skin that you have always wanted, without the side effects or downtime that can be associated with invasive procedures.

Dermalux LED therapy delivers exceptional results as a stand-alone treatment, and also when used in combination with other skin treatments to speed up and enhance overall results.

TreatmentSingle TreatmentCourse of Six
Hand Spa £25.00 (8)£150.00
Dermalux LED Light £50.00 £200.00
Dermalux Acne Light £50.00 £200.00

Dermalux LED Light

£25.00 -