Age spots are not considered an attractive feature and sufferers are often keen to remove dark spots which appear on the face and hands in particular.  They often present themselves on the skin as we age and because they are linked with ageing are a tell tale giveaway sign that the sufferer is no longer in the full bloom of youth.
Treatment Price Time

Shellac or BioSculpture or OPI GelColour to any pedicure

£15 -

Hot Paraffin Wax
This treatment is deeply nourishing; improving circulation and stimulating the pores to absorb moisture.

£15 -

Callus Hard Skin Removal
This four-step system will peel off dead callused skin to promote smoother heels before nourishing your feet with a rich intense moisturiser. The gentle but effective treatment is used for either the heel or balls of the feet.

£20 20 mins